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smsRathna Softnet Technology is a leading provider of Bulk SMS services & Marketing SMS services in India. We have been providing SMS based services for over 2 years. We provide customized SMS solutions, with clients ranging from big Corporate and Multi-National Companies, Small Retail Vendors, Educational Institutions and Advertising Agencies.

PUSH SMS Services, featuring:

  • Capable of sending one lakh SMS in six seconds.
  • You own Personalized Sender ID (like "1 new message from "")
  • Web based user accounts, with storage capacity of over 1 million numbers and 5,000 Groups and address book
  • Group SMS: Send SMS one-by-one or by Groups
  • Scheduled Messaging (automated)
  • APIs for integration with your software or website
  • and lots more....

PULL SMS Services: Using short-Codes

  • Especially useful for applications like voting, customer-feedback and marketing campaigns.
  • Advertise and get customer's SMS based feedback on website or directly in your own software.
  • Free Auto-Responder SMS goes back to client.
  • Option to automatically send LARGE size SMS auto responder back to client with all the details you want to send to him Activation within 24 hrs.
  • Control Panel to check SMS, manage auto-responders.

Sign-UP for your free DEMO Account of BULK SMS Services

For a demo, create your FREE BULK SMS account on and sign up free of cost. You can actually start sending SAMPLE SMS, immediately, free of cost, using this free demo SMS account.

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