Rathna Softnet is a leading Global IT provider web design & web development company specialized in Web design & Web development, Customized web applications, software development.

We provide our clients with the exact tailor-made software solutions that will meet their specific business requirements. Our team of experienced and technical engineers will integrate application development with your line of business.

Why Software development at Rathna Softnet?

  • Developing the most appropriate software according your needs
  • Every kind of Software Development
  • The Software Development Process
  • Logicspice embraces a specific method of development

One of the most amazing things about having your software developed by the professionals behind Rathna Softnet is that, we strive to make cost-effective products every single time. Our team is composed of professionals who are masters of their vocation. They know exactly how to make things right and working positively for your advantage. We develop software according to your needs in a low cost but high quality manner. Having your software go through our expertise is definitely a good investment that encourages benefits to come ten-fold and even more.

School Software

An education is the most significant part of our life.Our company has developed comprehensive “school management software”, to offer an interactive society portal for school supervisory & all other departments to pick up resources optimization, thus boost the values of school worldwide. Every utility is fully integrated using a completely, powerful, single & secure database. By using this software an institute can handle its entire department easily. An institute can improve their management system of library, computer lab, students & staff records, exam management, fee management and many more.

  • Profile & records management.
  • Time table generation & updates.
  • Attendance management.
  • Assignment management.
  • Exam management.
  • Online content management.
  • Substitute management.
  • Fee management.
  • System management.
  • Library management.
  • Web community management.
  • Grade management.

Hotel management software

Hotel management software is a smart system to manage your hotel or lodge. This software includes a variety of components; these all components can cover a broad area of hotel management and administration process. It is very easy to understand and utilize. It can handle the entire front organization. This software can be run in various processors on one server at a time.

  • Front office management
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Pay roll
  • Customer billing
  • Laundry & housekeeping
  • Maintenance
  • Room management
  • Food costing
  • Hostel administrative
  • Internet connectivity

Bank Software

Banking software wrap the entire business phase of a modern bank and it is fully included for top efficiency. It is a valuable tool for controlling & maintaining any amount of records, data and transaction & also provides banking level security operations. This software includes the high level security socket layer by which you can make a transaction with full safety & security. “Rathna Softnet” has a very experienced & knowledgeable team for software development. Our all members of the development team are excellent in their skills. We can develop all kinds of banking software as per your requirements.

  • Deposit management
  • System administration
  • Loan management
  • Bank management
  • Customer management
  • Group management
  • Miscellaneous activity management
  • Holiday management
  • Account management
  • Voucher management
  • Locker management
  • Branch management
  • Society management
  • Head management
  • Sub-head management
  • Day activity management


“Hospital management software” is a very helpful system for the hospitals. It includes various smart features which are able to control the whole system of a hospital. The hospital management system is developed and designed to distribute benefits to hospitals or clinics. This software contains many different kinds of advanced features these all features can handle a big part of hospital management & administration process. It can be integrate each departments of the hospital or clinic so it gives important information across the hospital. Our developer panel integrated lots of superior features in this type of system software. We decided to create a great product which can maintain complete handling on management of the hospital or clinic. This software is the desktop category software it can be run on a lot of CPU on one server at a time.

  • Patient registration
  • Bed management
  • Hospital administration
  • Financial accounting
  • Pharmacy
  • Patient billing
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Clinic specialties
  • Admission discharge transfer
  • Health care package
  • Payroll
  • Laundry